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Education Trust Fund for Tommy Sugrue

(This is about the brother and nephew of WFD Battalion Chief Tom Sugrue)

I'm sorry to say that Jack passed away since the story below was written. Please donate

Trooper John "Jack" Sugrue was forced to retire from the Rhode Island State Police after his cruiser was rear ended in a high speed accident on Interstate Route 95.

Sixteen years ago, in church, Jack met Gemma, his soulmate. Gemma, a native of the Philippines, is profoundly deaf and communicates through sign language. In 2014, Jack and Gemma were thrilled to learn they were expecting a baby. Tommy their, pride and joy, was born on July 2, 2015. Four months after they learned they were pregnant with Tommy, Jack was diagnosed with a malignant pheochtromcytoma. Malignant pheochtromocytoma is rare and, at this time, little understood cancer with a very poor prognosis. Jack endured a brutal aggressive course of chemotherapy, which was deemed unsuccessful. Recently Jack and Gemma learned his cancer has spread. Memorial Sloan Kettering has accepted Jack into one of their clinical trials,and he is currently undergoing treatment there. Where there is life there is hope, but it has been made very clear to Jack and Gemma that Jack's prognosis is poor.
Jack worries for his future, but more so for Tommy's and Gemma's. Gemma is an amazing mom, but her communication challenges severely limit her ability to support Tommy's speech and language development. It is critical that Tommy receives ongoing enrichment in these areas so he can keep up with his peer group and function in the community as he grows up.

Friends of Jack, Gemma and Tommy have established a trust account for Tommy to help ensure his educational and enrichment needs are met.

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